Hello Colleagues,

Is anyone interested and/or do you know someone who may be interested in conducting this group for the Laurel Foundation?  a licensed Psychologist would be ok for them as well.

PS:  Even though the position is unpaid, remember it is only one day a month


We are in need of a California licensed Social Worker, who can volunteer their time once a month (day is flexible) from 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM to facilitate a video online support group.  The group is composed of five English-speaking mothers who are either HIV+ or have children who are HIV+.

We are looking for a commitment of one year.  So there would be 12 sessions (summer months and in December we usually do not have a session due to holidays etc.). The Laurel Foundation will do all the backend work (make sure all parents are reminded of the call) and be on call should any issues (technical or otherwise) arise.

Please have anyone who is interested contact Cheria Young (The Laurel Foundation’s Associate Director) at CYoung@Laurel-Foundation.org or call the office at 626-683-0800.


Thank you.

Margot Anderson

Founder / CEO

HIV/AIDS changes lives. So does The Laurel Foundation.

The Laurel Foundation

75 South Grand Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91105

Tel.  (626) 683-0800

Fax.  (626) 683-0890




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