On April 1

there will be no City funding

for any HIV prevention & education programs for 3 months.

After that, they may decide to only pay for 57% of what they need to keep services as they are now.
FOR BACKGROUND please go to the HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force’s HIV Community Planning forum and scroll down to see all of the related posts, including links to video from the City Council’s Emergency Budget meeting

 please circulate these graphics far and wide.

follow the HIV DATF’s forum,  #citycutshivcountdown #HIVcountdown on twitter, and LA Community Health Project on fb


City Council needs to use Community Development Block Grant Funds &/or General Funds to cover the 3 month gap in services and to make up the remaining 43% needed to keep these programs funded in FY 2014/2015.

Tell your Councilmember: We can’t afford these cuts!

Here’s what will happen if they don’t cover the gap:

  • 7,500 fewer HIV tests will take place
  • No place to collect used syringes in many LA communities like Hollywood & Pico Union
  • 290,813 used syringes ACO programs would have taken in, will have nowhere to go
  • 38 jobs created in LA communities served by these programs will be at risk – for many this will mean layoffs
  • 175 Veterans will be cut off from HIV prevention services – condoms, health education, testing
  • 2,200 who regularly use needle exchange programs would have to leave the city to get help
  • 600 people at high risk of HIV transmission, who are met in their communities by outreach workers will be left in the cold
HIV is very expensive to treat 
CA Department of Public Health estimates lifetime costs of $385,200 for each new infection

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