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07/30/15: Countdown to a Cure: California Leads the Way | HIV Matters

07/09/15: HIV Prevalence Rates, Risk Factors and Health Disparities Among Transgender Persons

Please encourage folks to attend. This comes after the trans* health summit, and we want to ensure that the Commission is responsive to the data being presented

Los Angeles County HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force


download flyer [pdf]

The Los Angeles County Commission on HIV and the UCLA Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services invite you to attend HIV Prevalence Rates, Risk Factors and
Health Disparities Among Transgender Persons on Thursday, July 9, 2015 from 9:30am to 10:30am* at St. Anne’s Maternity Home in the Foundation Conference Room [155 N. Occidental Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90026]

come for the colloquium and stay to talk with the Commission about how to address these issues.

The presentation will provide an overview of the HIV prevalence rates among trans male
and female individuals in Los Angeles County, and will discuss the syndemic co-factors
that impact HIV acquisition and transmission among these populations. The presentation
will also address health disparities that have served to limit health care utilization
specifically among high-risk trans women. Next step recommendations will be presented.

Cathy J. Reback, PhD, is a Senior Research Scientist with Friends Research Institute,
a Research…

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Intersexuality, Transgender, and Transsexuality | new article by Talia Mae Bettcher

Intersexuality, Transgender, and Transsexuality

by Talia Mae Bettcher, Ph.D.

With all of this commotion about trans activists and feminism colliding, now seems like a perfectly good time to share my new chapter “Intersexuality, Transsexuality, Transgender.”

The title is not my fault. If I had named it, it might be called “Toward a Genuinely Intersectional Trans Feminism.” Think of the chapter like this: What if “Feminist Perspectives on Trans Issues” and “Trapped in the Wrong Theory” had a baby? It’s forthcoming in Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory (eds. Mary Hawkesworth and Lisa Jane Disch, Oxford University Press).

The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory (Forthcoming) Edited by Lisa Disch and Mary Hawkesworth

This essay discusses the complex relations between feminist theory and trans and intersex theory and politics. It charts the emergence of a “beyond-the binary” model of oppression that frames trans and intersex oppression in terms of a hostile binary—a binary that forces out anything in-between the categories male/man and female/woman. This chapter shows how this model has unfortunately resulted in political impasse, particularly in articulating a feminism that sees trans and intersex oppression as intersecting with sexist oppression. The chapter excavates and interrogates the roots of this model in, for example, the responses of Sandy Stone and Kate Bornstein to the transphobic feminism of Janice Raymond, and provides an alternative way of conceptualizing trans and intersex oppression more congenial to an intersectional framework. It proceeds by taking seriously a specific form of transphobic sexual violation, namely, “reality enforcement.”




This is a reminder that our monthly meeting will take place (today) on Wednesday, June 10th at 9:30 am at the Village [1125 N. McCadden Place, LA, 90038.]

Here is the agenda:

COMMISSION ON HIV | Executive Director Job Annoucement

Please circulate this job description widely

Los Angeles County HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force

All – Attached please find the job announcement for the Commission on HIV’s Executive Director position; a link to the announcement is also provided below.

All questions related to this announcement should be directed to Executive Office of the Board of Supervisors, Human Resources Division at:

Thank you.

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Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) For HIV Prevention | Funding Opportunity Announcement

please circulate widely!

Los Angeles County HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) For HIV Prevention

Funding Opportunity Announcement | [FOA pdf] [application]

Through the Corporate Grants program, Gilead supports the efforts of community-based organizations, public health entities and similar umbrella organizations to educate their constituents and healthcare providers about the role of PrEP as part of comprehensive HIV prevention. Specially, Gilead is looking to support organizations focused on high-risk populations such as young adult MSM of all races, Hispanic/Latino ethnicity, transgender women, and African American heterosexuals (populations with higher HIV prevalence and at higher risk of HIV infection among those without HIV infection).

Selection Criteria

Gilead will consider a wide range of ideas that reach diverse geographic locations within the United States. In particular, Gilead encourages proposals from organizations that can demonstrate the following:

  • Applicants who are able to clearly state how “underserved” populations will be reached through clearly defined goals and milestones.
  • Strong community network to implement a successful PrEP…

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