Coping with Hope 2013

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Resources from Coping with Hope

  • Integrating Care through the Use of Screening and Brief Intervention in HIV Settings by Beth Rutkowski, MPH, click here
  • Integration of Dental Services by Dr. Fariba S. Younai and Shellye Jones, LCSW, click here
  • Alcohol and HIV: What Clinicians Need to Know by Phil Meyer, LCSW,click here
  • Hepatitis C and HIV Care by Mohamed El Kabany, MD, click here
  • HIV/AIDS: Into the Fourth Decade… Where Are We? by Mark Katz, MD click here
  • Models of HIV Integrated Care: Problems and Solutions by Ardis Ann Moe, MD click here

Resource Links for Dental ProviÎders




Sin Vergüenza Episodes: 1 of 4 | 2 of 4 | 3 of 4 | 4 of 4

The  Sin Vergüenza (Without Shame) webseries encourages people to get tested as a routine part of their medical care and to seek HIV medical care should they test positive. This exciting webseries introduces you to dynamic family members who each represent a different age group, sexual orientation and marital status. You’ll quickly learn that each person is at risk of getting HIV. The videos address difficult issues that families face, but also portray the unconditional love and support that carries this family through such a challenging time.


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