2018 Life Skills Application

WHAT IS THIS? The Pediatric AIDS Coalition (PAC) at UCLA puts on a Life Skills Retreat for

students around the country to participate in a weekend long event that is catered to

provide a space for young adults to grow and learn new skills that will help them in all

aspects of their life. This retreat is coordinated and ran by current UCLA students who are

apart of CAMP. We will also have at least one therapist during the weekend where students

can schedule a one-on-one time if they would like. The goal of this retreat is to address

every aspect of the student’s life now and their future endeavors. This includes but is not

limited to; mental/physical health, money management, college applications, preparing for

job interviews, grants/scholarships, HIV 101 and more.

EXPECTATIONS: CAMP’s Life Skills retreat is designed so that students not only have a fun

weekend but also have the opportunity to gain knowledge and advice on the many

challenges students will face as they become a young adult. We are going to have a blast,

but we are also going to have some very serious moments.

CAMP has set forth expectations to ensure the safety and well-being of the student, which

will allow them to get the most of Life Skills as possible. We expect everyone to respect the

privacy of the cabins, use proper language, and treat everyone with respect. The use or

possession of weapons, drugs, or alcohol are strictly prohibited at all times. Individual and

group activities will provide a time for introspection and personal growth. This is a time for

the students to focus on themselves.

WHERE: Pali Mountain Retreat Center in Running California

30778 Highway 18,

Running Springs,

CA 92382

WHEN: Morning of February 18 to mid-day of the 20th

HOW? FILL OUT THIS INVITATION AND SEND IT BACK to pac.family.ucla@gmail.com

and you may be eligible to attend this retreat!

Please fill out the entirety of this form. Attached to this packet is a SURVEY, 3 WAIVERS



*To send this document back, you can open it up as a word document and then write it in

and send the updated one. Or you can send all of the information in an email.


If you have any questions, regarding the waivers or the retreat, please feel free to reach out

to any of the following people on PAC.

Director of Family Relations: Sarah Denison-Johnston

Email: pac.family.ucla@gmail.com

Phone: (510) 847-1881

Co-Director of Life Skills Retreat: Marcela


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