Hi Everyone-

Can you please support the application of Dr. Bryan Garner to help promote Motivational Interviewing skills among HIV providers to treat substance abuse (alcohol specifically)? Your letter of support does not commit you or your providers to be part of the training project, but simply states your HIV agency supports such an effort. Dr. Garner comes highly recommended from Dr. Tom Freese and Beth Rutkowski from the Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center. Attached is a sample letter of support. Dr. Garner’s contact information is below should you have any questions. Feel free to share with other HIV programs.

From: Bryan Garner [brgarner@chestnut.org]

I’m attaching the 1-page letter of support we would like for community-based HIV service organizations in CA, AZ, and NV to complete and return to me (brgarner@chestnut.org).  This letter of support is NOT committing organizations to participating in the project.  Rather, it’s simply to help us demonstrate to the NIH reviewers that we do indeed have considerable support for this project. 

If funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), this project will only be able to include 12 community-based HIV/AIDS service organizations.  That said, the more letters of support we can get for the application the better.




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