ACTION ALERT: Call Your City Councilmember Now to Stop Cuts to HIV Programs
March 26, 2014

The City of Los Angeles AIDS Coordinator’s Office is facing a funding gap that could disrupt or kill irreplaceable HIV prevention services. Contact the Mayor and your City Councilmember today and ask them to find a solution.

As the Los Angeles Times recently reported, the Federal government has changed the guidelines for the way cities like Los Angeles use money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), resulting in sudden cuts to HIV services that the city has funded for years. We need the City Council to immediately come up with replacement funding to ensure that these vital services continue without interruption.

These programs support an array of innovative HIV prevention activites in Los Angeles: HIV testing at targeted sites; health education including APLA’s Red Circle Project, the only outreach program for our local Native American population; syringe exchange and disposal programs that have no other source of support in part because of a federal funding ban on needle exchange programs. These are proven strategies that target some of our most vulnerable populations and are part of a critical public health network that reduces the burden of HIV throughout our city.

Beginning next week, the City of Los Angeles AIDS Coordinator’s Office will have no funding for these programs for the next three months. If these programs can survive, they face a severe 43% budget reduction when they return. We need funding to cover those services for the next three months while we work to save these irreplaceable public health programs.

Both Mayor Garcetti and City Councilmembers have expressed their support for these programs  the time is now for us to work together to avert this public health crisis.

Act Now

  • Look up your Councilmember’s contact information.
  • Call or email them to express your concern about pending HIV prevention budget cuts.
  • Suggested message when you call/email:
    • As a constituent, I am calling to ask my Councilmember to stand up and support our city’s HIV prevention programs.
    • I recently learned that the city plans to stop funding HIV services for three months starting next week, and that after that there may only be limited funding available for the next year. These programs are critical to our efforts to end the AIDS epidemic and improve our community’s health. 
    • A gap in services could be have serious consequences – and costs – for our city. It would take $260,000 to cover this 3 month gap, stopping just ONE new HIV infection will save us $385,200 in treatment costs. 
    • This HIV funding crisis gives the council the opportunity to show the country what makes this city great – and to continue our proud history of standing up for people with HIV and AIDS.

Take action now. Thank you!

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