Applications emailed to:
Frances Marion, LCSW |

Position:      Psychosocial Case Manager
Program:        Health and Mental Health Services
Reports to:      Psychosocial Case Manager Supervisor
Salary:             $15.00/hr
Status:              100%
Probation:      90 days – Non-exempt Hourly Union
Benefits:          Medical, Vision, Dental, and Life Insurance; also including Long Term Disability, an Employee Assistance program, and a 403B retirement plan.

Under the supervision of the Psychosocial Case Manager Supervisor, the Psychosocial Case Manager serves as an integral member of the health and mental health services team by providing psychosocial case management and overall support services to patients while ensuring that psychosocial case management services operate within industry standards and meets all contractual requirements and guidelines.


  1. Provide benefits/social services;
  2. Develop comprehensive benefits/social services plans for clients, providing support & guidance to client in the implementation of services plans;
  3. Prepare and submit monthly transportations reports to OAPP Transportation Unit;
  4. Prepares and coordinates paperwork for public and private disability programs;
  5. Acts as a liaison between the clinic and Department of Public Social Services for Medi-Cal Applications;
  6. Maintains an active case load with clients requiring on-going case management services and maintains complete and accurate files on all clients and document services provided;
  7. Provide appropriate information and referrals while serving as an advocate;
  8. Network with other community agencies and organizations in order to establish referral linkages;
  9. Assists in developing and researching resources for case management clients;
  10. Attends and participates in weekly staff meetings, case conferences and other meetings as assigned;
  11. Act as a liaison between the clinic and Department of Mental Health Housing and Homeless Division;
  12. Present clients in weekly case conferences;
  13. Makes appropriate referrals to ancillary team members, e.g., nutritionist, nursing case management, etc.
  14. Keeps Psychosocial Case Manager Supervisor informed on all patient information, or concerns;
  15. Provides referrals for a housing match based on clients’ psychiatric condition, social support network, substance abuse issues, and readiness for independent living;
  16. Documents all services provided and maintains client files and program statistics as required by Agency, contract, and or other related agencies;
  17. Provides best match housing placement and assists client with interviewing for housing placement;
  18. Interfaces with Department of Rehabilitation and other related community agencies relative to housing for clients;
  19. Gathers/maintains available information and prepares routine reports related to housing placement activity including client placement, successes and challenges to determine trends within the housing market and ensure long term placement for clients;
  20. Consults with staff on service coordination and service plans for clients referred to ICM program;
  21. Stats current on housing market activity to identify trends and prospective openings;
  22. Keeps the ICM program staff apprised of new housing opportunities;
  23. Maintains accurate, complete documentation of services provided to clients, ensures compliance with Agency policies and procedures, state licensing, on other regulatory agencies, prepares a variety of reports on housing placement activity for program, division, and Agency;
  24. Develops and maintains housing placement skills through seminars, workshops, or other forms of training/education;
  25. Other duties as assigned.


  1. At least 3 year experience providing direct client case management services, preferably within a clinic setting;
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of HIV/AIDS community resources, public and private HIV/AIDS benefits programs;
  3. Understanding of the global effect of HIV/AIDS on the person, their family members and significant others;
  4. Have a working knowledge of the housing market, DMH programs, and placement of individuals that meet the DMH criteria for placement services.
  5. Ability to handle multiple tasks, be detail oriented, and maintain strict confidentiality of medical information;
  6. Bilingual (Spanish/English) preferred;
  7. Superior verbal and written communication skills, including strong organizational, detail and interpersonal skills;
  8. Good computer skills and knowledge including word processing, database operations, spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel), and other software systems;
  9. Ability to work effectively with men & women of diverse races, gender identities, ethnicities, ages, & sexual orientations in a multicultural environment.


  1. B.A. degree in social work, psychology, sociology or a related field is preferred;
  2. Current AHA CPR certification.

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