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The Group List | directory of mental health professionals in L.A.

November 17, 2013

Dear Colleague:

Just a note to alert you that a new edition of The Group List is now available. The largest edition ever published, The Group List is a directory of 1,500 therapy groups offered by 650 licensed mental health professionals throughout Los Angeles county. To view or download this directory in .pdf format, click here, go to, or download the attached .pdf file.  This directory should download in about 3 seconds.


Groups are listed at no charge and posted on the internet at


The Group List is a pro bono community service.  This year, we are celebrating our tenth anniversary of publication.

This announcement is being sent out today to 4,000 mental health professionals.  If you would like to list your groups as well, please complete The Group List Submission Form

Answers to frequently asked questions are below.

Best wishes,
James J. De Santis, Ph.D., C.G.P.
Clinical Psychologist, Certified Group Psychotherapist
California License #PSY10315
138 N. Brand Blvd., Ste. 300, Glendale, CA 91203
112 W. Bennett Ave., Ste. 4, Glendora, CA 91741
(818) 551-1714




Frequently Asked Questions



What is The Group List?

The Group List is a free directory of groups facilitated by licensed mental health professionals in Los Angeles county, including therapeutic, supportive, consultative, and psychoeducational types of groups.  The directory is cross-indexed by type of group, geographic location, and last name of facilitator.  Approximately 650 therapists offering 1,500 total groups are included, making it the largest aggregation of groups in LA.

How Do I Read The Directory?

The directory is formatted as a simple text file in .pdf format.  Most users clicking on the link will find that software already installed on their computer will automatically engage, and the directory will simply pop up on their screen as a paper version would look.  If you cannot read the directory, download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from  This free program is safe and sufficient for reading this file.

How Do I Find What I’m Looking For in the Directory?

The simplest way to use the directory is just to scroll through it.  There are three main sections: 1. Topic Index, 2. Geographic Index, and 3. Last Name Index.

You can also search for keywords.  In Windows using Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can search the directory by clicking on the “Edit” pull-down menu, then “Find.”  Enter the relevant keyword (e.g., “teen,” “bereavement,” or “psychodynamic”) under “Find.”  Then press “Enter.”

Who Gets The Group List?

This e-mail notice is being sent out today to 4,000 mental health professionals in Los Angeles county.  This directory has been viewed over 25,000 times from  Our intent is to circulate The Group List as widely as possible for purposes of effective cross-referral.  Consider whom among your respected colleagues may not know about the directory, and please pass this notice along to them.

How Do I Submit My Groups?

Licensed mental health professionals may list their groups in The Group List whether currently running or in wait-list formation.  Submit a brief description or title of each group (40 characters and spaces maximum), your name, degrees, license type & number, e-mail address, office address, and phone.  Groups by pre-licensed facilitators must be listed under their licensed supervisor’s name and license number.

What Does The Group List Cost?

There is never a cost to list your groups in The Group List.  There is never a cost to obtain the directory.  This is a pro bono community service.

How Often is the The Group List Updated?

The directory is updated several times a year.  This is about the interval at which a meaningful amount of listings have been added and deleted.

Why Are There Outdated Listings?

Groups come and go frequently, so the information contained in this directory is under constant revision.  This directory is a volunteer effort, handling a very large data set.  If you find that a listing is out-of-date, please alert us at or at (818) 551-1714.  Only in this way will we all maximally benefit.

Why Isn’t My Group Listed?

Recent updates of The Group List have involved outreach e-mails, postcards, and personal phone calls to listees who have not otherwise been contacted in the last six months, asking for an active response to confirm their information.  If the clinician has not replied in the affirmative, then their listing has been deleted.

How Did the The Group List Start?

The process of making a referral to a group can be a time-consuming and difficult task.  Prospective group clients can find it frustrating to locate an appropriate therapy group.  It can be challenging for a clinician to find and refer to a well-selected therapy group.  The Group List began in 2003 out of this need to connect prospective group therapy participants to group therapists effectively.

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