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SOLICITING INTEREST: Dissertation Research Opportunity for Providers Working Directly with Latino Youth Living with HIV in Chicago, LA, Miami and NYC (Diana Lemos)

I am posting this because I am interested to learn about providers’ experiences with engaging Latino youth living with HIV into HIV care. I am interested in interviewing between 24 to 36 health care providers, such as primary care providers, mental health providers and case managers, who worked very closely with providing direct clinical services to Latino youth living with HIV. The purpose of these interviews is to learn about the strengths and challenges related to engagement in care for these youth. I also want to learn about ways that we can support youth during this process of engagement in care. These interviews will be for providers from selected urban/geographic egions (Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York). All interviews will be conducted in English. This study has been approved

Do you wish to participate?

You may e-mail me for more information about this study at<> or call me directly at (312) 593-2142. Please know that I will review the study with you, but the study is completely voluntary and confidential. I will not communicate to anyone else whether or not you choose to participate in the interview. Through these interviews we will learn about what facilitators and challenges Latino youth living with HIV are experiencing, however, we will not know that you specifically participated in the interview since it will be confidential. The interviews take about 45-60 minutes and that after the interview you would receive a $20 gift card as an incentive for volunteering your time.

Thank you and I hope that the information gathered will help us assist you in all the great you do!

Diana Lemos, MPH, PhD(c)

DePaul University
Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 593-2142

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