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a blog which might be of interest: The Grieving Atheist

From The Grieving Atheist Blog, a brutal, brilliant blog entry, titled “Limping Along,” about living with grief.

“One thing that I’ve needed to admit to myself is this… When someone you love dies, your life is worse. It’s not over. It’s not unsurvivable. It’s not NOT worth living. But it’s worse. It just is. I could try to convince myself otherwise, but I wouldn’t believe it in my heart. My life is just a little bit worse now. I think admitting that takes the pressure off. I don’t think that makes me pessimistic, although others may disagree. I don’t think life is bad. I’m not hopeless. I don’t think I won’t have good days. And I think it’s important to make an effort to make the rest of my life as good as possible. I’m not giving up or anything. I want to achieve more, make more friends, make existing relationships more meaningful, take setbacks in stride, bring joy to others, appreciate the small things, be kind to myself, learn, teach, savor. I want to make the most of my slightly worse life.”

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