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05/10/17: HIV MHTF meeting |Dr. Ardis Moe presents a CROI Update

The regular monthly HIV Mental Health Task Force (HIV MHTF) meeting is on Wednesday, 05/10/17 from 9:30am to 11:30am. This is our first meeting of 2017, so we hope to see everyone there.

Here is the agenda: 05-2017 agenda

  • Location:  The Village [1125 N. McCadden Pl Los Angeles, CA 90038]
  • Parking:free parking in lots across the street
  • Public transportation:4, 156, 704, DASH Hwd

05-10-17 HIVMHTF Dr Moe05-10-17 HIVMHTF Dr Moe [pdf]

05/14/14 CROI update from Dr. Moe (video)

05-14-14 HIVMHTF Dr Moe CROI from Susan Forrest on Vimeo.

Dr. Moe’s presentation at today’s HIV MHTF meeting.

05/14/14 meeting reminder | Dr. Ardis Moe presents on CROI

05-14-14 HIVMHTF Dr Moe

This is a reminder that our monthly meeting will take place on

Wednesday, May 14th at 9:30am

at the Village [1125 N. McCadden Place, LA, 90038.]

Dr. Ardis Moe will be presenting at 10:15am

Here is the agenda: 05-14-14 MHTF agenda

05/14/14: Ardis Moe to present at HIV MHTF meeting

Dr. Moe was scheduled to present at our March meeting, however her talk has been postponed until the May meeting. She will be presenting an update from CROI, as well as an Hepatitis C update.

05-14-14 HIVMHTF Dr Moe

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